Committee Chair Reference

Thank you for volunteering as a Committee Chair! The time and effort that you will devote to Concord and the PTO is very much appreciated. Concord could not have the events or community activities that it does without you! Thank you!

The following are general guidelines to get you started in your role as a Committee Chair. Your PTO Executive Board Chair is always your best resource but this is a useful resource to get you started.

committee Chair Responsibilities

Find out more about each Committee Chair's responsibilities.


Each Committee Chair has an Executive Board Chair that they are responsible to. Please ensure that this person is kept informed regularly on your event/activity.

  • Committee Chair contact list can be found here.
  • Your reports are very important as they are needed to inform the Executive Board and Principal

Concord Newsletter

  • Sent weekly by Concord on Thursdays
  • Updates/content need to be submitted by Wednesday to be in the following week’s newsletter

PTO Newsletter

  • Sent monthly (posted to the PTO website and printed the first week of the month to send home with students). Information for the newsletter must be received by the Communications Chair by the end of the day on the 1st of the month.
  • Additions and changes should be sent to the Communications Chair before the end of the month prior in order to be included in the PTO monthly newsletter.

Fliers, PTO Website and Emails via Membership Toolkit

  • Limit 2 eblasts and 1-2 fliers per event/activity
  • Each flier and eblast needs to be approved by the Communications Chair by Monday.
  • Photocopying takes place in the Concord Front Office Wednesday by Committee Chair.
  • Use website for event information. Email PTO Admin with updates.


  • The budget for your event can be confirmed by your Executive Board member.
  • The Committee Chair is responsible for maintaining accurate records and adhering to the budget for their event/committee.
  • The Concord Elementary PTO is a 501(c)(3) non-profit and is exempt from sales tax on most items. Any committee member that is making taxable purchases should contact the Treasurer to obtain a tax exempt form to provide to their vendor. Target will accept our MN tax exempt number (34141) at the register. We have an account on file with OfficeDepot and Wal-Mart (contact the Treasurer for the purchasing information).
  • If your event will involve any type of raffle, please contact the Treasurer at least two months prior to the event so that the proper gambling permits can be obtained.
  • All reimbursement requests should be submitted to the Treasurer via the Concord PTO website. If there are any invoices that should be paid directly to a vendor, please forward those directly to the Treasurer for payment.
  • Committee Chairs need to establish a system for funds collected at their event prior to the event in conjunction with the Treasurer/PTO President.
  • All contracts must be reviewed/signed by a member of the PTO Executive Board.


Concord Meeting Space Availability

  • Committee meetings should be hosted off-site wherever possible.

Planning Ahead/Succession Planning

Complete a report write up after the completion of your event. Email Committee Report form to your Executive Board member and PTO President.