Art Adventure Volunteers


Our theme is year is ‘How People Lived’. Here’s a really helpful flip grid the MIA sent to navigate through the pieces we are doing:

Getting Started

  • Our booklets have arrived! Pick them up at 5637 Abbott Ave S. They will be inside a tub outside the front door. *one booklet/volunteer

  • Art Adventure Roster

Reach out to your team & make a plan for this year. Will you team teach, rotate months, etc.

Register for the date that works for you. More information about the virtual training will be posted soon.

Teacher Communication

Contact your teacher to let them know the fun you’ll be bringing to their classroom each month & to schedule your first lesson.


  • The portfolio includes a large replica of the artwork being presented as well as supplemental materials.

  • The portfolio will be picked up and dropped off in the media center (turn right upon entering-it will be next to the window).

  • To avoid a timing conflict, sign-up below to reserve the portfolio. Include the time, your name and your teacher’s name (ie. 10:15-11, Sheila Shane (Johnson). Another volunteer may need the portfolio right after you so this allows them to collect it from the classroom your are presenting.

Art Cart

  • We have an Art Adventures Art Cart that lives in the office. This includes materials you may use for your crafts. Because we do not have a budget for craft materials, we are always looking for contributions. If you have materials at home you are wanting to purge, this is a great place to donate them. The classroom and art teachers are also great resources to ask for materials, too.


If you are new to this program, let Sheila Shane know--she is happy to walk you through a lesson.

Art Adventure Resources

* Power Point for January’s piece: Rainy Evening on Hennepin Avenue

District Art Adventure Information