Cafeteria Refresh Initiative

Time for a Transformation

Three years ago, a parent came to the PTO and suggested we upgrade the cafeteria -- which is dark, drab, and very loud. Now that the playground is complete, we're eager to tackle another space that our kids visit every day!

Thanks to your generous donations, we hope to transform this uninspiring room into an appealing space that reflects the care and pride we take in our school.

Update 4/3: We're excited to announce that we will be working with artist Molly McDougall for the Novawall art panels! Check out her gorgeous work on Instagram @madebymollyjo

Update 3/29: The cafeteria has a fresh coat of paint (along with extensive wall repairs and cleaning)! It's amazing what a difference a clean palette makes. It looks brighter already. Thanks to Roell Painting for their professionalism AND their $1,000 donation to Concord!

Problem Areas

  • Acoustics -- The cafeteria has a low ceiling and very hard finishes on the floor and walls. Without any sound-absorbing surfaces, noise bounces around and around on those hard surfaces. With 125 kids in the room, the roar is deafening!

  • Aesthetics -- This windowless basement room is dark and unappealing. The walls are in poor repair and have not been painted recently. The floor tiles are mix-match and cracked. Finishes and fixtures have been added piecemeal, resulting in four different cubby/hook systems, orange and yellow gym lines on the floor with mauve doors and purple carts, and a jumble of wall decor. The music room entrance is hidden behind piles of Kids' Club toys and miscellaneous kitchen items.

Mismatched, cracked floor tiles

Music room entrance

About the Plans

We dream of making this a beautiful, cohesive space that brings out the best in our kids as they eat lunch, visit music class, and play. Our team of designers and acoustics specialists hope to incorporate these products to improve the space:

  • Fresh paint -- walls will be freshened up with professional preparation and durable, cleanable paint in a more modern neutral color.

  • Novawall Acoustic Mural -- we are soliciting bids from local artists to create a graphic design that will be printed and wrapped on a sound-dampening frame. Popular in restaurants and other loud public spaces, these panels are beautiful and functional! The design can be changed inexpensively if Concord is ready for a new look in a few years. The winning grade from Read-a-Thon will select the final design!

  • LVT Floor Tiles -- sound-dampening tiles will quiet the room and provide a backdrop for all the activities in the room. We will use colors that coordinate with the recently-remodeled Flex spaces and the playground.

  • Ceiling Tiles -- the acoustic tiles in the ceiling are very dated and will be replaced with modern designs for a fresher look and improved sound dampening.

Design Plans

  • Check out these floor concepts!

Our Team

We are lucky to have an exceptional crew of design-minded Concord parents working on this project. Thanks to Leila Tabibian, who originally suggested this project, Chris and Jessica Scrabek of Sonus Interiors, Nicolas Will, Laura Engen, Kari Madore, Lindsey Ronning, and Lisa Davis.

Help Us Achieve Our Goals!

Want to help? Donate on our website, participate in Read-a-Thon, and let us know if you have suggestions or resources!